Producer/Partner for Indie Filmmaking


Iselin, New Jersey

Wanted / Needed

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Indie Filmmaker looking for a business partner. I have the talent to write/cast/direct... My first micro/no budget horror movie "Us Sinners" was hailed as "all micro-budget cinema can and should be".

I have 3 excellent scripts in shape for production, and as most indie filmmakers find themselves, I have no funds to get off the ground. Us Sinners I handled myself financially, and recouped all I spent. I want to take the next step. These scripts can be profitable with the proper care.

I'm not looking for your money, I'm looking for your business sense, and aptitude to help raise the capital. To be there every step of the way, and to profit before, during and after.

Experience always helps. But, if you have the drive to be part of something ORIGINAL and daring, drop me an email.

Thank You!