Journey of the Chester Eagles Boys Club

Granada Hills, California

Wanted / Needed

stanley e. kornafel, author

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5 management agency firms in calif. want the script but first summary and log line. Ent. Lawyer looking to engage.
The description of the awesome story can be read on Barnes & Noble, Amazon and others under the book," Amazing Journey of the Chester Eagles Boys Club.. A short script for the film is filed with WGA and while the original story in the book is fact based non--fiction the script is to be entertainment only following the story line.
COMPLETED is a short story line script. NEEDED is female and male to add dialogue, extend matters of existing scenes and create additional scenes of continuity with dialogue target of a 2 hr. feature for theaters. Not comparable nor similar the extraordinary content being ORIGINAL truly presents EXCLUSIVITY raised to a high level.

Basics for the film: Loyalty and trust pushed four seventeen year old teens determined to accomplish their intended out of mind high school graduation celebration. Stimulating the audience thought process is their having no money, resources or car but only good imaginations and lots of drive..
Family drama fills the screen as the four teens contrary actions draws two separate paths. Family's negativity noting of no full time jobs and no car and not going, was added to by classmates denying help only laughed suggesting them never making it out of the state.
Serious humor abounds as people failed to comprehend the boys' ambition to succeed. Hard times presses the viewers seeing the serious moods of the boys picking trash, part time jobs and lite handyman work. Yet, all was minimized by the four doing what was never expected when astonished are the home front and school atmospheres learning the team gets a car.
On the highway traveling from Chester, Penn., shortly mother nature poured down continuous negative doings causing dissension where church services helped the crew maintain sensibility. Surviving weather deluge, flooding conditions, sand storm, the police and Las Vegas gaming plus the desert, the team reached its destination,
California with all going ok, leads the audience to assuming the film is over. However, on the way back home, excitement and ego took hold having succeeded contrary to others thinking, Confident they handled the worst generated blissful feelings leading into a moods of complacency.

Suddenly not anticipated, it is what is not planned and not expected the story took a different turn as the car died in the middle of Kansas. Needing to continue onward, the three walked over the country using the thumbs while adding the new experience of hopping on freight trains for longer hauls.
Heart breaking life threatening actions and nail biting near death occurrences brings the viewers to tears seeing the teams’ efforts all going a muck. Was it the boys’ prayers that pulled them through fateful life situations or simply luck that enabled their survival?
Never before told, the original true story beckons the free spirit writer to engage with their personality allowing the flowing of true emotions and feelings. While the book is 1958 fact based, the script is written for high entertainment for the viewing audience where only the story line is absolute allowing free expression from the heart.
COMPENSATION: Due the high value of the story combined with the established book and agencies in demand, the author is offering a limited partnership regarding the script writing to enable its completion.
SKILLS: While some writing experience is essential, having knowledge of the use of the format in projection of the scene, it is the use of imagination to stretch and create dialogue for other persons that is imperative.
Product placements and integrations for the producer providing funding resources also adds to the validity of the story while also enhancing the scenes.
Absent a main character challenges the thinking yet it affords uniqueness in writing as the story tells of peoples trust in each other. All efforts combined and not being a drawing board fantasy will uniquely allow the script to move forward to a producer in short fashion. What can you offer?