Audio Editing, Restoration, Mixing, Mastering, Post-foley, Sweetening - $200 Flat for short films

Toronto, Ontario

For Hire / For Rent

Damian Weston

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Experienced freelance audio artist available for remote-based work. Flat fee of $200 for short films under 10 minutes - includes dialogue cleanup, mixing, sweetening, foley addition, mastering and the addition of royalty free music (if necessary). Basically, what I'm offering is this: have a short film, but not sure if the sound truly kick -- and keep in mind, sound is often the thing (aside from performances, of course) that separates amateur from professional polish in films? Send it to me. I'll fix it, or kick it up a notch or 10. Very fast turnaround, usually within 24-48 hours (unless it's a truly complicated or problematic source). Satisfaction guaranteed. Samples available upon request!