Music Producer/Audio Engineer

San Antonio, Texas

Wanted / Needed

Alejandra Martinez

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Hello, my name is Alejandra Martinez and I am currently a part of the UTSA Mariachi Ensemble. This May 3rd was our opportunity to showcase our concert but because of the COVID-19 Pandemic our concert had to be cancelled. We are thinking about possibly recording 6-8 songs we were supposed to perform. Unfortunately, we would not have the funds to hire someone professional or who has the upmost experience, but would be overwhelming grateful if someone could donate their time in helping us make our recording. In return, we can donate our time and perform a serenata or gig for whatever occasion you would like. If not possible, we would also greatly appreciate someone who has the experience to tell us what we could do to create the best soundtrack ourselves. It's heartbreaking to have to cancel something we worked hard for and still are. If you can do anything to help us out, please feel free to contact me!