Are you an established producer of film and TV content that entertains millions of people around the world with comedy, action or horror?

Have you ever dreamed of becoming one?

Would you like to expose problems with the ways people treat each other in the funnest, possible packaging? Do you want to amaze crowds with gorgeous visuals and no-B.S. truth telling? Do you want to party with glamorous celebrities after you've worked your butt off to throw a cinematic party for everyone?

If so, you may want to invest in U.S.B.S.-Lean Productions and/or come work as an Associate Producer.

I'm a new writer-director starting an indie production company that specializes in comedy and genre motion pictures for adults — Rated R to TV-Mature type of stuff.

I'm looking for accredited investors willing to provide at least $50,000 toward my first production of an 8-episode, original comedy series for TV or streaming. There is no distributor attached (we will offer the show to distributors at a later date). I expect to raise the capital for production from a combination of equity investors, sponsors, advertisements, product placements and donations, including equity crowdfunding if needed.

If you decide to invest, you will be a silent partner, but have the opportunity to work closely with me on the production staff in a capacity of our choosing. Maybe you'd like to help cast the actors. Maybe you have an accounting or legal background and could help in those areas. Maybe you have a knack for inventory and negotiating with vendors, so you want to serve as a Line Producer on the show. Basically, this show will require all the jobs typically involved in filmmaking and you're welcome to apply to help in any area. Send me your résumé and ideas for how you want to be involved. Naturally, any experience in film and TV will be helpful. Everyone who works on the show will be compensated. If you invest, that means you'll earn a wage in addition the return on your investment, unless you do not wish to take a wage and can prove you do not need it. But you could have a lot of fun in addition to returns if you make yourself useful through the production.

One thing to understand is that this will be a relatively low-budget, independent production that wouldn't warrant spending more than $1 million per episode and probably a lot less. The expected audience is small, so you should not expect 'Avengers' or 'Game of Thrones' business. In fact, this show I'm producing now is basically a gay sex comedy with action and horror elements. The leading characters are gay and bisexual men working their way through silly situations. The humor is occasionally political or politically incorrect. There's a lot of nudity and sexual situations. So if you're homophobic, ultra-P.C. or a Republican, this is probably not the show for you.

I am in this producing and directing career for the long haul. I have several ideas for shows. Half of them are for general audiences rather than gay-interested ones. So if all goes well and we like working together, I can supply scripts for decades.

There is no rush for big commitments up-front. I'm going to shoot sample scenes of my series over the next year to screen-test various actors and show investors the quality of work we intend to make, complete with great art direction and visual effects (you may hear this called a "Sizzle Reel" in the industry). We may end up only raising enough money to shoot the first episode as a pilot. But by helping to provide the capital for sample scenes, you will get a chance to work with me and a small cast and crew on a trial basis. This lets you gauge our talent, qualities and working relationships before committing any time or money to principal photography. Small steps!

I'm happy to accept in-kind contributions as investment money to be repaid at a later date. Maybe you can offer me housing in Southern California for two years while I raise capital, research, network and shoot. Maybe you're a restaurateur who can cater shoots and provide craft services. I'm open to any suggestion you think would benefit the production.

COMPENSATION: $60,000 or more. 120% of initial investment, 50% of the net profits from the portion of the show equity-financed, possibly a wage for services rendered on the project.

If this sounds like a dream job with career opportunities you'd like, message me how you want to be involved and you may have a look at the script!

COVID-19 has shut down most film and TV productions temporarily. The entire industry is considering new methods to reduce coronavirus exposure. Message me for a list of safety measures I'd like to enact during production.