Animation for children's song

St. Charles, Missouri

Wanted / Needed


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I produce fun entertainment and learning experiences for children. I am a retired music teacher of 30 years and a 10 year National Board Certified teacher. I have a master’s degree in music education and produced a lot of music in my home studio over the years.

Please listen to the song and do some research on what you think would fit with it and what you would be willing to do as far as collaboration in producing quality fun Youtube videos. I am sure there could possibly be other outlets and that would depend on our creative levels and time spent on finding other outlets.

I will be happy to invest in production and marketing based on initial results and future goals. After you consider your interest level and time investment send me a sample of your work and we can work out costs to reach a basic goals of a video to post. If it works well we can add more on a per song basis or a set of songs. If it is successful I can pay you a royalty/percent for any monetization including any initial production costs.

The reality is it is not easy to invest or consider what we could share if we do not have an idea of how large of an audience is out there. Usually if corporate publishers or media companies get involved they would own the copyrights and provide royalties to the creators of the work. The advantage is the media company/publisher would do the marketing and sales.

Anyway just some things to consider. I see a lot of fun animation software out there with a lot of potential

Greg Knight

Dropbox link to Frogs are Very Special.

Dropbox song