Short/long term crew

Brooklyn, New York

Student / Indie / Internships

Ucha Echeozo

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I’m looking for a crew of people who, like me, need to put together a reel but don’t quite have the network to put together a quality piece of work.

What I’d like to do is create a set of trailers to help promote some of the countless ideas I’ve written down. While some are ideas I plan to expand upon, others are plots I’d like to pitch for further development by other writers. I’m done with simply storing them, and I’ve been told that creating trailers is a great way to shop ideas and skills. The caveat is that this would be a “for experience only” situation (e.g. no pay). Everyone will be credited and treated with equal importance.

So, if you’re in need of either credits for your reel, credits for your class (undergrad or higher only), a new hobby (some experience preferred), or if you’d just like to help out your neighbor, or get some use from your equipment, please respond with bit about yourself and what plans you have in production.

Take care!