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New York, New York

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Incredible opportunity for long-term rental at a brand new State of the Art Audio / Video Recording Studio - Content Media facility in NYC

We have expanded our operations, building a brand new multi-media facility center with recording studios and post-production rooms, designed by a lead Architect and designing firm to be located at one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Manhattan and would like to offer the opportunity to a few selected clients to come on board with us at pre-construction rates for long-term rentals.

Mix engineers, producers, video content producers and post-production engineers and even those in need of offices or other types of use are welcome to apply. We will consider on a first come first serve basis.

We have been in the business successfully for over 25 years and currently have a fully occupied facility but need to build additional rooms in order to accommodate new clients.

We are taking over an additional space and will build to suit for those who sign for at least one year pre-design and pre-construction.

Please contact us with the following information:

1) Full Name, address and contact information
2) Company name, website address and years in business
3) Type of space required
4) Rent duration proposed
5) Monthly Budget allocated for space rental
6) Type of use

We will contact you to schedule a meeting so we can discuss further, thanks.