A 3-4 Person HD Crew To Shoot A 2 Day, 1 Night Short Film

Monument, Colorado

Wanted / Needed

Kenneth Coffee

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Hi, I’m looking for a small crew to shoot a short film I wrote.
Basically I need:
1. A camera operator (I’m shooting on an ARRI Alexa Mini)
2. Gaffer/lights
3. Sound Op

I am renting a package from a MP&E in Denver. I can send the equipment list so you can see what we will be working with.

I want to shoot in 4-5 weeks, over a weekend, at the end of august 2020
Shoot would be:
6p-10p Friday night
9a-5p Saturday
9a-5p Sunday

This will be shot ON LOCATION in MONUMENT, CO, about 45 mins south of Denver.

The script is done and the cast is in place.

This is a very low budget short film, that will run approx. 10 mins long.

I don’t know what, if anything I can pay you. Meals and breaks will be provided. We will be taking extra precautions/steps to make sure our set is COVID-Safe.

But this will be a unique opportunity. I plan on entering this into Film Festivals, and am looking for that professional quality.

My name is Kenneth, I am a former TV news producer, who has gotten out of the news Biz.
I am now pursing my dream of becoming a filmmaker.
This will be the first of several projects.
Please send reel/portfolio.