Music Supervisor for hire


Bristol, United Kingdom

For Hire / For Rent

Craig Ryan Thorpe

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Are you looking for that perfect musical cue for your creative project?

I am a freelance Music Supervisor seeking music supervision and sync opportunities with filmmakers, producers, game designers and other creatives. From a number of years working as a professional Music Librarian and freelancing as a Music Supervisor, I have strong contacts within several major music publishers, a good understanding of music publishing and licensing, and keen ears/eyes for a powerful marriage of music and visuals.

With both a bachelors and masters degree in musicology, I have expertise in classical and contemporary art music, as well as rock and pop, electronic and world music. I also have good knowledge and a deep interest in media music history, techniques and aesthetics.

At this early stage of my freelance career I am open to working with a breadth of creatives internationally, on low / no pay projects.

Get in touch if you'd like to know more.