Looking for 2 Actors, a Cat, and Basement for Short Monster Movie

Lansing, Michigan

Wanted / Needed



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I need 2 male actors for a short monster movie I'll be shooting in the next couple months. Both parts have about 20 lines of dialogue. No previous acting necessary. Shooting will take place in Michigan (most likely the Lansing area) over the course of 1 or 2 days sometime early in October. Payment is negotiable.

Actor #1: Lead, 20-30 yrs old, young looking, short, slim build. Introverted loner who tries to befriend monster.

Actor #2: Monster, tall, lanky/slender build, bonus for long hair, bonus if have deep voice and/or can do a monster voice (otherwise your dialogue may be dubbed over). Lives in basement, wants to eat the lead, mostly in shadow or off screen, light monster makeup, mostly nude (in shorts or tights).

If you are interested please respond with which part you are interested in with head shots, any relevant work you have previously done, and/or a video/message telling me why you would be good for the part. This is an accelerated production so sooner I get your application the better.

I am also look for an old house with an unfinished basement and a cat. The worse shape the house and closer it is to Lansing MI the better. I will need the location after sundown. The cat will only be in a couple scenes and mostly just needs to run away. Willing to compensate for both location and animal.