Grip/Electrician for Short Horror Film

Los Angeles, California

Wanted / Needed


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I need a crew member to help with the setting up, adjusting, and breaking down of lighting for my first low budget feature. I will not confirm your position until more backing is acquired, but the more prepared I am with a crew, the better my chances of being backed are, so I am looking for quotes and willingness for when the time comes to film this. My goal is to film this project on the weekend of Friday August 20th, this year.

BLEED; - The semicolon is a symbol of Suicide Prevention Awareness.

A troubled girl reeling from the loss of her best friend must find a way to survive high school especially after getting an invite to her bully’s birthday party.

Sarah, a troubled girl, finds solace in her friend back where she used to live -- until her sudden suicide. Tortured at school by the most popular girl and desperately alone, she resorts to self-harm. When given a reluctant invite to her vicious bully’s birthday party, she decides to make her bleed, instead.