Wardrobe Stylist

Los Angeles, California

Wanted / Needed

Hayden Shinger

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Role Details: Looking for a wardrobe/costume designer that can help us bring each of the characters to life with their vision and can work for credit/copy/meals. The script is an all female cast each with very different personalities, ethnicities and roles in the short. At the moment we are very low budget and are trying to use this short to get funding for a full-length feature in which we would love to keep the same crew and plan to pay once we are picked up.

Project: Our story centers around Jenny, a 16 year old living in a small town outside of Los Angeles who is entrenched by a manipulative and controlling mother. The story gets darker as we see that Jenny's mother and family secretly run a black market baby business and force women they have kidnapped to produce these babies to then be sold. Will Jenny escape the horrors of her mother and stop this business or will she be forever controlled by her for the rest of her life? The story will bring out questions of brainwash/manipulation and why and how a seemingly perfect wholesome mother could be harboring such a dark side. Our goal is to use this short as a sort of proof of concept to get funding for the full-length feature.