Wanted! Great Video Partner And... Great Sound Engineer! (Los Angeles)

Los Angeles, California

Wanted / Needed

Paul Maselli

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I’m looking for both a Great Video partner and...
a Great Sound Engineer!

Several projects to rock n roll with!

I have a number of projects including Pop/Rock aspirations and simply could use help getting quality shots and recordings of me drumming, and on guitar and bass... (and singing for some...) to then merge and mix in with existing Pop songs/videos. “Entertainment purposes” or whatever is allowed on YouTube, for example. Full songs and then entertaining clips for Tik Tok etc... One potential hit song needs both sound mixing/editing and a video.

Also, videos/recordings of my version of Dread Zeppelin called Fresh Zeppelin and...

My 70’s Disco Band and...

Orchestra Variety Rock/Pop Celebrity Concerts samples/examples videos, using existing orchestra footage and superimposing me and Celebs for various songs.


Lots to do!