15-20 period looks for a show in Philadelphia called Portals in Time on December 31

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wanted / Needed

Catherine Schuller

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Greetings! We are looking for a partner/collaborator who can provide costumes for December 31 for an event entitled Portals in Time to be performed at a new venue in Philadelphia. We would provide the models but you would provide the 15-20 period looks for the Portals in Time show that is happening midway in the evening's activities. We are a 501(3)c in Philadelphia called P.S. 14 Foundation and we know we can provide a lot of promotional in-kind exchange for your costumes. We will put you on our website, flyers, email blasts, and banners, etc. We will feature you at the event, have you sponsor the photo booth with additional props from your inventory, and give you onsite signage. with 600 people at the event, all hashtagging your name as they send out their photos from the booth, we know you will gain a lot of exposure and traction. We look forward to helping to promote you and have a fruitful collaboration. Let's discuss. Thank you for your consideration.