You are having problems with Audio on your Film or Commercial project that you don't realize. Some problems are small, maybe a click or a phasing problems, think about when you watch TV and the audio goes out. Even though they have spent millions, problems still happen. Some problems can be very dangerous and serious. Let me explain:
I had a client who needed to film a hand gun being discharged in a locker room. Actually, firing a gun in a small space would be problematic since the sound pressure would either totally distort the sound and or blow the diaphragm in the mic. Here is what I did:
I own a collection of Sound Effects produced by The Hollywood Edge. I have around 500,000 effects in many different categories. I used the sound of an 8 lb black powder canon and added a reverb tail using Izotope RX6 Audio Editor. Then I simply pasted the sound over the video.
Another time I was recording audio for a shoot outside and the background traffic noise made the audio unusable. This time, I listened to the audio track and removed the background noise, but that caused another problem since the audio sounded sterile. I simply recorded the sound of an empty room and added this to the track giving a more realistic sound to the track.
This may sound like simple fixes but in order to fix the problem, you have to know what the problem is. This takes many years of actually working on film and commercial sets plus the tools to get the problem fixed.

Sometimes, a sound not in the original track needs to be added. I needed to add the sound of a white wall tire on a dirt road. I have over 15 different types of tires from different tire companies as well as the sound of any type of road. I can put together the sound you need and deliver it either on a flash drive, CD or in the cloud.
If you need background music, I have hundreds of hours of No Royalty music. This means that you do not have to get permission or pay a fee to use a piece of music as long as you do not claim to be the person who wrote the piece of music.

I have over 40 years of experience on Movie and Commercial set Recording and editing Audio. I use the absolute finest Audio Production and Post Production equipment currently available including:

Sound Devices 788T-SSD 8 channel 12 track Time Code Audio Recorder (up to 400 Hours)
Canon : XLH1 camera with Video Devices Pix E7 recorder
Sennheiser 416 shotgun mics (2)
Lectrosonics (2)
Avid Video Editing
Presonus Audio Editing
K-Tek 19' carbon booms (2)
Shure Boundary mics (6)
EV RE 20, SM7 mics (1 each)
Hollywood Edge (500,000 effects)
Rode - Podcaster Pro, Wireless mics (4)

In this business, you don't get a free pass. If your output isn't perfect, you probably will never hear from that client again. So, no matter what the Audio problem is, I WILL SOLVE IT OR THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR MY SERVICES. YOU CAN'T LOSE. Only $60.00 per hour

James Schiller is an Audiologist with over 40 years of experience in the Film Production and Post Production field. When you have an Audio problem, contact Dr. Audio