You are producing a new movie and want to add some Audio Effects. Part of my business is Audio Effects and Music Beds. What does that mean? I have over 500,000 different Audio Effects and over 200 hours of Music Beds in my collection. Whether you want the sound of a white Wall Tire on a dirt road or the sound of a gun being shot in a small room, I will provide that sound.
Some times, the sound has to be designed. I needed the sound of a gun being fired in a small room> Since this would have either distorted the sound or ruined the mic I had to improvise. I used the sound of an 8 ld. naval canon and added a reverb tail. Then I simply laid the sound over the video
Sometime, you want a piece of music. Since music is copywrite protected, I can provide you with Royalty Free music

When you need Audio Effects and Music Beds, contact AV-Edit at shootavedit@gmail.com or 847-962-0068