Simply put, I provide a complete Video, Lighting and Audio solution for your next project. I will Light the scene, set Audio and then Shoot.

Camera: Canon XLH1 (This is a 2K tape based camera, BUT I also have a Video Devices PixE7 recorder which will record up to FOUR HOURS on a digital card which can then be transferred to any computer
Tripod: Sachtler 8 series with a mid spreader plus a Vinten 3 wheel dolly (This also adds another 3 inches to the Hight of the tripod and motion shots are now available. Not a Steadicam, but better than handheld.

Lighting: I bring two Fresnels 750 with barn doors. These are great medium duty lights and can go from Flood to Spot
Two Tota 650 systems with umbrellas and stands
18X24 soft box that attaches to one of the Totas
Two Bi-Color systems with stands
Two standard C Stands with sand bags. One with a Turtle base
Audio: Recorder: Sound Devices 788T-SSD (8 channel 12 track Time Code Audio recorder This system will sync to
multiple cameras
Shotgun Mic: 2 Sennheiser 416 with Rycote Zeppelins
Wireless Mics: 2 Lectrosonics Diversity systems, 4 Rode Diversity Systems
Wired Mics: 2 Sony Lavs, 1 Shure SM7, 1 EV RE20
Extras: 30 20' XLR/XLR cables, table and chairs
My equipment in put into multiple soft bags that fit into my car for easy travel to any project. I have worked with Clients in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky in the field as well as in a studio.

When you need Video, Lighting and Audio for your next shoot, contact Jim at AV-Edit We Post also using Avid Media Composer and Presonus

I can use predesigned graphics or design your ad or any part of your project in 2 or 3D
I can design your Titles using any Font in 2 or 3D and then animate the titles