Lighting Production Crew+Equipment - Los Angeles, CA - 6/11

Los Angeles, California

Wanted / Needed

Durand Williams

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Looking for a lighting person or team with charitable heart willing to helps us out on a shoot to happening for a local non profit in June. We are local novice filmmakers part of a charitable program crewed up as part of a program or by favors or just goodwill. We believe in what we are doing just trying to pull resources to make this production happen for an incredible non-profit organization that does really profound humbling work for our communities with little or no money behind them.

We cannot offer much if anything in terms of pay to anyone on our crew (the entire budget is only 5k), but we can talk about it and we intend to feed you like the kings and queens you are, for real. And you would of course receive onscreen credit and bragging rights for your contribution to the project as well. I know some previous projects from this program have been and continue to become distinguished award winners. The real winner though is the non-profit, who will own the film and our efforts will allow them a greater platform for outreach and awareness get to raise awareness of what they do and need.

So If you are available and willing to help us make a difference and if you want more if please for you, please contact me. If this is not for you but might be for someone else you know, please contact me.

Thank you all in advance for your consideration and your time.