FREELANCE - Theatrical Sound Designers and Supervisors (Part-time)

Montclair, New Jersey

Wanted / Needed

Peter J Davis

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WANTED: Theatre Audio Technicians and Designers:

The Montclair State Department of Theatre and Dance is an ambitious undergraduate program which produces 6 Mainstage and 6 Studio productions over two 15 week semesters in three venues. Due to our proximity to NYC we are fortunate to work with some fantastic theatre and dance professional performers, designers and technicians.

Montclair State University is in search of freelance Sound Designer(s) and Sound Supervisors for several projects this year. In addition, we have a few sound related courses that need instructors.

We are revisiting how we structure the Sound staff with the goal of integrating the sound production between the Department of Theatre & Dance with the presenting division of the University. As a result I am not sure what the job(s) will look like... It could be stand alone gigs or a more all-encompassing cobbled together job.

Best fit for us seems to be early career or, as in my case, late career folx... who are based in New Jersey... though Montclair State University is located 18 miles west of midtown and accessible by train and bus... but anything is possible!

Please let me know if you have any questions, recommendations, suggestions, etc

Thanks, in advance, for your input...

Peter J Davis
Production Manager
Department of Theatre & Dance