A Makeup and Hair Stylist for a Feature Sizzle Reel

Los Angeles, California

Student / Indie / Internships

Zack Golovan

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I am currently looking for a Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist for an upcoming sizzle reel I am producing.
It is a beautiful but gritty superhero film about a ballerina from a mafia family who must learn to balance morality with loyalty as she seeks to rescue her sister from a mysterious kidnapper. The creation of the sizzle reel itself is an all-volunteer effort with the hopeful goal of fostering relationships that’ll carry over to the paid feature once we secure funding. Although money is currently not an incentive, we have a lot of other cool things surrounding this film that we hope will excite you!

Some of the benefits of working on this sizzle reel may include:
-Developing relationships with a well-connected creative team and crew.
-Adding a great visual piece to your reel.
-Expressing your creative talents in a new way.
-Creating good old fashioned entertainment in a world that’s consumed with promoting agendas.

The film dates are currently slated for the Weekends at the End of August and Beginning of September.

Please let me know if this sounds of interest to you thus far, and I’ll send you some more information!