Film Crew For Indie Film - Starts 8/26

Los Angeles, California

Student / Indie / Internships

Anna Bowman

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We are looking to fill several roles for our superhero feature film's sizzle reel!

About us: Raymond Cinemato is an Academy-recognized filmmaker. He is currently producing and editing for Disney-ABC, and he directs films on his time off. Some business pros have taken an interest in Raymond’s directing, so we’re currently developing a sizzle reel to pitch to potential investors in order to obtain funding for our feature. We're filming a few different scenes and b-roll and turning snippets of that footage into the sizzle.

This feature is a beautiful but gritty superhero film about a ballerina from a mafia family who must learn to balance morality with loyalty as she seeks to rescue her sister from a mysterious kidnapper. The creation of the sizzle reel itself is an all-volunteer effort with the hopeful goal of fostering relationships that’ll carry over to the paid feature once we secure funding.

Some other benefits of working on this sizzle reel may include:
-Developing relationships with a well-connected creative team and crew.
-Adding a great visual piece to your reel.
-Expressing your creative talents in a new way.
-Creating good old fashioned entertainment in a world that’s consumed with promoting agendas.

what we are looking for:
-production designer
-costume designer
-writer/script editor
-stunt coordinator
-let us know if you're interested in any other roles, as well!

Our tentative shoot dates are August 26-29 and September 2-5. This is non-union.

Please let us know if you're interested!