We Are Launching A Bi-weekly News Focused Youtube Channel

Hollywood, Florida

Wanted / Needed

Goldie Goldberg

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Job requirements:

Own or be comfortable operating a DSLR camera to film a talking head host (potentially on a green screen).
Be familiar with setting up LED lights and stands.
Ideally, the candidate has their own basic camera equipment / lighting equipment, but if not, then at least is experienced in using DSLRs and LED lighting (we will purchase the equipment), as well as basic on-set audio skills (setting up a boom pole with a shotgun microphone)
Can assist in setting up an iPad teleprompter (provided by us) to fit around the camera.

Details / Salary:
Filming at a home studio in Hollywood, FL.
Salary is dependent on equipment:
$150 per episode without equipment
$250 with equipment (DSLR camera, tripod, lights and microphone).
The setup is just filming a talking head on a clean background - potentially using a green screen (we will purchase). Nothing fancy - one camera setup.
We aim to be shoot a 5 minute video twice a month to start and then scale up to once a week after 4-6 months.
The setup, shoot and breakdown should not take more than 1 - 1.5 hours maximum.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions and if any of your students are interested, please include "PA - Hollywood" in the subject line. Also, please include relevant equipment as well.