If you’re serious about your acting career, you need to be serious about self-taping. Stop letting fear of technology or lack of on-camera experience stop you from landing the roles you should be landing.

My on-demand master class on self-taping is the ONLY training you’ll ever need to produce professional-quality self-tapes in your own home, using affordable and readily available equipment.

My name is Adam Elder. I'm a professional actor and cinematographer. In my career, I’ve drawn on my cinematography skills to record auditions that booked gigs with Oracle, Visa, Ancestry.com, Wells Fargo, MetLife, Credit Karma and many more. Over the course of the pandemic, I began teaching my Master Class online, showing other actors how to assemble an affordable, high quality self-tape kit, and how to use it to create industry grade self tape auditions in their own homes.

Now, that class is available online - and on-demand - so you can watch the lessons at your own pace, and as many times as you need.

This class covers both technology AND technique, demystifying every topic you need to know about:

* Lighting yourself like a pro
* Capturing crisp, full, clean audio
* Getting DSLR-quality from a smartphone
* Demystifying the backdrop
* Framing yourself to best effect
* Acting on camera
* Strategically upgrading your kit on a budget
* Editing and sharing your finished product

If you’re fed up with self-taping being so stressful and confusing, check out the Self-Tape On-Demand Master Class, and start making self-tapes that get you work!