Film Producer


London, United Kingdom

General / Miscellaneous

Marlene de Oliveira

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Atele and her cousin arrive illegally in Venice with the help of mobster, Luizio. Their plan to enter Italy using fake passports is ruined when Luizio kills a police officer’s wife on-board. To evade suspicion, they swim ashore.
The two begin their lives in Venice. Limeno begins working for Luizio at a nightclub, where he meets and sleeps with undercover police officer, Giuna. Atele earns money cleaning for her neighbour, Canzo. Matters complicate as Limeno picks up an old gambling habit and steals from Luizio to cover his debts.
Amidst increasing threat from the murder investigation, Atele reports Notte de Luce to the police to extract them from Luizio’s clutches. She warns Limeno not to go back there.
Luizio discovers the stolen cash and tells Limeno he must do one more job with him and then leave Venice for good. The morning of the job, Atele finds Limeno gone and follows him to a drug drop-off, which is raided by police.
There is a shoot-out, and Atele kills Giuna whilst trying to protect Limeno. Luizio is also killed.
Canzo helps Atele escape from Venice without Limeno. But before they reach their destination, Atele is overcome with guilt. She steals Canzo’s car and, despite the threats he makes to make matters worse for her via phone-call, heads back into the city.
She finds Limeno in the bathtub at the apartment and drags him back out to the car. They escape across the bridge to the mainland. Meanwhile, the police officer and husband of the murdered woman on the boat, re-unites with his daughter who he had been neglecting since her mother’s death.