Location Manager for 3 days - 6/28 (flexible) - Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington

Pre-Production Services / Production Support

Thursday, June 28, 2018 for three days

0 credits
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We need to find the following locations (see below) to do pop-up appearances with costumed actors in astronaut space suits who interact with the public.

We’ll need a compilation of images, addresses, and notes per location:

Inner city oasis: amazing urban park or natural places near the city center
Busy streets/ squares/plazas (not generally used for promotional activity)
Coffee shops: not a chain, but not too cool/hipster
Interesting small stores or boutiques
Major department store
Public transport (subway, Metro)
Any concerts, public events or street fairs happening on event day
Hotel bar
Karaoke bar (in the bar as opposed to private karaoke suites)
Bowling alley
Contemporary Art Museum or Natural History Museum
Park fountains
Bus stop
Line of people at a movie theatre
Flower market
Farmers market
Public library
Busy store (eg: Staples)

We'll only go to 5-6 of these places on the day of the event, but need options when figuring out our routes. For each location, we will need to know the nearest parking lot or structure (to accommodate a 10 passenger van) and nearest bathrooms or place the actors can rest and remove the space suit helmet.

This is not a formal shoot. We will have one video crew to capture content, but it's going to be pretty run-and-gun.