Runners - Flushing, NY - 08/21-28

Flushing, New York

Pre-Production Services / Production Support

Friday, August 21, 2020 for one week

0 credits
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This event normally is in Cincinnati, but has been moved to New York for this year to be prior to the US Open.
We are a British company so our budget in comparison to American companies is low.
The rate is also reflective of your duties. Your responsibilities as a Runner unfortunately cannot be as varied & immense as they would have been before Covid-19 safety measures took hold. But we definitely do need you!
I am after 8 Runners, the rate is $140/day + £20/day in Per Diems. The rosters range between 6 to 16 days.

Duties (due to Covid-19, what we will ask of you is unfortunately very limited):
• fetching and carrying items, such as equipment, tapes, cable and documents;
• keeping the Compound, equipment & OB trucks clean, sanitised and tidy;
• delivering messages to colleagues within the production team;
• undertaking general administrative work;
• making arrangements for staff on location, such as arranging lunch/dinner deliveries
• other adhoc tasks