PA/Utility Assistant - North Dakota - 8/10

Minot, North Dakota

Pre-Production Services / Production Support

Tuesday, August 10, 2021 for two weeks

0 credits
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Looking for a PA/Utility Assistant that can help with minor grip work, minor camera assist, drone observer. This person will assist a small crew that will be shooting motion, drone, stills, etc. in mostly industrial outdoor locations. There will not be heavy lifting and we will be shooting for 10-14 days. Client wants us to hire as local as possible in North Dakota and shoot is going to commence around August 10th (weather depending).

We are looking for someone that does not mind putting in the hours in an industrial setting, someone that is not afraid of heights (this is not a deal-Breaker), Someone that has few eating restrictions as there is very little to choose from in many of our locations, someone that leaves their mobile device in the car (this is a deal-breaker).