Quotes: Set Flat Construction - Northridge, CA - Start 9/6 (flexible)

Northridge, California

Art Department / Set Design / Props / Practical Special Effects

Sunday, September 6, 2020 for one week

0 credits
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I am researching for a student thesis short film. The project would hopefully shoot this fall. Due to COVID-19 we will most likely need to shoot on a film stage with set flats rather than on practical locations. Our budget is not yet fully set, but we would be using the locations budget for construction.

The short film sets consist of: An interior construction site, 1 home (Living Room/ Entryway, Dining Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, Hallway), and a second dining room. Some of these rooms will need to be simple enough to be able to transform them into a different room just with production design elements. (More details can be provided). I also have a diagram of the desired home layout.

As students, we will most likely build some of the flats ourselves, but I don't think we'd be able to get them all done in time, or as professionally.

As far as the time commitment/ payment: We will be paying for the completed project. I'm unfamiliar with how long this type of request would take to be completed. Right now I'm just looking for quotes on how much time/money this construction will take.