Recording and Live stream church service - Virginia Beach, VA - 10/1

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Live Event / On Location Services / On-Set Services

Thursday, October 1, 2020 for two days

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I am looking for someone that can consult on what it will take to stand up live streaming AND recording of our church services. I need to be able to record audio and video to the PC AND/OR live stream to YouTube.

Background on our environment:

Our current set up has all audio going to the soundboard which is a pre-sonus studio live 32 from the sound board the audio is sent out a dedicated mix to my AV mixer which is a Roland VR-1HD. The mixer also has 3 cameras connected via HDMI inputs. The cameras are Canon Vixia HF G50. Out of the Roland I am connecting via high speed USB to a PC.

Current issue:

We have been attempting to record to the PC using open broadcast software (OBS) and we have had numerous issues with audio and video staying in sync. The main symptom that we see is that video will stay in time and look great but audio will start out fine and then for not noticeable reason will fall 10 seconds or greater out of sync. I know that OBS is very capable and sometimes it can do the job but more often than not it will fail. I am not tied to the application and if there is something different that I should use I am for it.