Corporate Videographer - Watertown, MA - 4/5

Watertown, Massachusetts Local Vendors Only

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 for two days

1 credit

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This is a 2-day shoot for a semiconductor supplier company called ON Semi. The shoot will take place in Watertown, Massachusetts on April 5th and 6th, 2023. ON Semi wants to capture a client testimonial video where the client talks about their partnership with ON Semi and how it has benefitted their business.

Day 1 (April 5th) will go from 11:30am-1pm EST, and will likely only involve filming one talking head/testimonial. Day 2 (April 6th) will go from 9:30-11am EST and will also likely only involve filming one testimonial. Some very light b-roll may be needed (the interviewee working/interacting with other employees/etc.), but it's unlikely.

Regarding tech specs/equipment, you must be able to film in 4k 10-bit 4.2.2., preferably in a log profile. Professional sound is required (either in camera via xlr inputs, or recorded externally to a Zoom recorder or similar). You must also have a professional 3-point lighting kit. Sony shooters are preferred, though other camera brand users will obviously be considered.

Because the combined amount of shoot time is only 3 hours across the two days, the flat rate for this job is $1000.