Real Estate Videographer - Sarasota/Tampa - 7/31

Sarasota, Florida

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Friday, July 31, 2020 for one day

0 credits
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Looking for a videographer/crew to get B-roll footage of a possible upcoming job I have for an apartment complex in the Sarasota area . Looking for a shooter with a Fuji XT3, Canon C-200, Sony A7SII or something comparable/better. Must have a stabilizer.

We would need all the rights and would likely do post on our end.

1) Please provide a real estate example that demonstrates the ability to shoot like this example where the feel is like this but the image quality is like
2) Please provide a quote on Shooting the B-roll
3) Please provide a quote on editing the video
4) Please provide dates of availability

When including samples please do provide similar ones as examples provided. Watching reels is difficult to determine as they are not apples to apples.