Movi / Ronin Camera Op - West Point, NY - August 24th-25th

West Point, New York

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Friday, August 24, 2018 for two days

1 credit

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We are looking for an experienced and professional Movi/Ronin Gimbal operator to assist with a commercial shoot around the West Point, NY area on August 24th-25th. The content is for a national pet food company and will be a documentary-style piece on a K-9 race event; focusing on military and service dogs and their handler/owners.

We will have a relatively small crew for the shoot ( approx. 10 people) and each day will be an 8-10 hour day. There will be a Grip and Gaffer as well as a DP and an AC to help y'all out. These shoots are really fun and we always try to cultivate a positive and productive environment on our sets and are looking for someone with similar style to help bring our vision to life. Accommodations can/will be provided to anyone that will be traveling-in.

Applicants should have their own rig that they are comfortable with (Movi or Ronin) and be able to accommodate/own a RED camera. I will be happy to discuss further details with interested applicants.

We appreciate your time and look forward to talking soon.