Set Designer/Experiential Design - July 2019 - New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, Louisiana

Art Department / Set Design / Props / Practical Special Effects

Monday, July 8, 2019 for two weeks

2 credits

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I'm pitching an idea that would involve decorating and dressing 8 rooms in a large house or studio. Each room would be 'owned' by an invited bar from somewhere around the world and they would create an experience around the sponsor spirit. We would also provide a theme. Each room would feature a punch (or batched cocktail) which would be consistent with the theme. The event is July 16-21 2019, and we would operate from about noon to about 6pm.

The guests would flow from the entrance of the house, to the end of the house, and vote for the experience they enjoyed the most. We would arrange some sort of prize or charitable donation to that bar's charity. The punch experience would run for a couple of days, by appointment only, on a flow.

What I'm looking for is someone who can make an experience happen in a room. This would mean anything from painting a room to look like a dystopian wasteland a la Bladerunner to a western jail a la Desperado to a Great Gatsby dance-off. We would build custom vessels to dispense punch that will not only have specialty garnishes, but possibly be presented out of plumbing we build.

The recipes themselves would be provided by the bar, and they would also handle the garnish, but we are looking for the presentations to be over the top. We want all the senses to be engaged. Sight, Smell, sound, touch, and of course taste.

I would recruit the bars, and create deadlines for them to provide as much information for you as possible, which you could use to source props, and create full experiences for our bartenders coming in from around the world.

Is this something you do? If so, how does this kind of thing work?