Alexa 65 With 765 Vintage Lense 17 Day Rental - Newark, NJ - 3/9/18

Newark, New Jersey

Camera Rentals / Camera Support Equipment Rentals

Friday, March 09, 2018 for two weeks

1 credit

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Hello my name is Thomas DiBlasio and I am interested in the Alexa 65 with 765 vintage lense 17 day rental price for my indie feature length film. I served in the US Air Force as Military Police for my 4 year enlistment and currently a private security contractor writing the script here in Afghanistan. The production budget is $300,000 and I'll be shooting mostly indoors except for some of the exterior scenes taking place in Newark. The film is titled the Baghdad Boys and its an action/crime drama made by vets for vets but also something the general audience will find entertaining with a tone and look of Snatch but with the semi-realistic gun fights of The Way Of The Gun.