Casting for 2 x Talent for Corporate Online Video - Los Angeles, CA - 2/25

Los Angeles, California

Talent / Casting / Agencies

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 for one day

1 credit

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Hi there!

We are a UK based video production company with a shoot happening in LA for one of our US clients. I have a budget I'm working towards and wondered if you could tell me the following:

1. If you have the correct type of talent? (see detail below)
2. What the costs would be?
3. Availability for the 25th Feb - 10 hr day?
4. Process/timeline for casting?

Talent 1 -
Sally is a high-functioning Software Executive, who is bright, engaged and most importantly in control at work.

She dresses smart and exudes success. She has a great smile, and a confident walk. Sally can be stern but also can see the light / funny side of things, with great timing and a relatable and almost comedic face when her employees have done something wrong or silly, or when she finds something funny.

She is good at conducting meetings and interacting with her employees.

Talent 2 -
Gareth - Software engineer with circus tricks

Gareth on the face of it is you classic software developer. He has the air of intelligence mixed with a goofy demeanour.

He wears jeans and a smart shirt to work, and wears glasses when working, even though he doesn’t really need them.

He is social in a quirky way, and has found his confidence through his success at work, but also through his strange talents.

He has amazing coordination, and can perform a number of party tricks, which are becoming all to familiar for his work colleagues.

His favourite trick is the triple hula hoop, one on the waist, one on the chest and one round the neck! He is also a beer pong sharp shooter.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Dojo Films Ltd