Editor - January - NYC

New York, New York

Post Production

Monday, January 15, 2018 for two months

1 credit

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Dear editors!
Fifth Color Films in NYC has been hired to produce four (4) short (2-3 minutes) docu-style videos. These videos are being filmed in December with post-production beginning in mid January. Videos will be comprised of interview footage and b-roll shot on the Arri Amira (or Alexa Mini) and A7SII.
We are seeking a seasoned editor who can work with us on not just on the edit, but on scripting the videos, color correction and sound mix . The videos may also require some minimal animations and use of After Effects (or similar).

The editing timeline for these videos will be approximately 45 days, but we are still waiting on the client to set a launch date/deadline.

About us and what we are looking for:

We are of course looking for a talented editor, but we also want to have fun with each project and surround ourselves with people who can make us laugh and/or think. After all, there is no reason to take on a job unless you're going to enjoy doing it with the people around you! So, we are not only looking for an amazing editor for this particular project, but for an editor in the NYC area who may want to work with us on other brand film and video projects as well.