GAFFER / GRIP - Westpoint, NY - 8/24-25

West Point, New York

Grip / Lighting / Electric

Friday, August 24, 2018 for two days

1 credit

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We are looking for a professional Gaffer/Grip hybrid with small grip truck (Sprinter or 1-ton max) to assist on a 2-day commercial shoot around West Point, NY August 24th & 25th. The commercial is for a small, national pet food company and shoots are always a lot of fun. They will be full-day shoots, but nothing crazy... 8-10 hours max with about 10 crew members on set. Applicant is encouraged to bring along an assistant to help him/her with the duties of the day and we will be happy to pay for their time. Normally we would hire both a Grip and Gaffer, but the scope of the project doesn't really require both.

Camera setups and riggings are simple and the camera ops will be mostly responsible for those, so your main focus will be the lighting. What we are looking for is someone who owns (or has ability to rent) a basic set of lights and supporting gear... i.e. C-stands, sand bags, flags, 1'x1' lights, basic intv light kit,(1) HMI, etc... things that can be set up and moved quickly, as much of our shooting will be outdoors. I will be happy to provide more specific details regarding the shoot and rates to any interested applicants but hope that this gives you a basic idea of the day.

*The rate advertised here does not include the truck rental, lighting rental or assistant pay... we can discuss that separately.

Please let me know if you are available and interested and we can talk more about the project. We really appreciate your time and look forward to talking with you soon.