Grip - Salt Lake City, UT -10/17

Salt Lake City, Utah

Grips / Lighting & Electric Crew

Monday, October 17, 2022 for one day

0 credits
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I'm looking for a grip who has some gear and a vehicle to assist on a 1 day shoot in the SLC area the week of October 17th. I will likely be traveling with my DP so I am just looking for some basic grip help to limit the excess baggage. I am of course, also looking for help for my DP as well. below is general list of the items we would want you to bring to the shoot. If you can provide me with a quote for your day rate and gear, that would be awesome. I hope to have the shoot day nailed down in the next week or two. Local bidders only please!

2 C-stands for seemless
Seemless (TBD)
4-6 Light stands
2 1x1 light panels (Lite Panel if possible)
2 small lights for background (matching the light panels ie. daylight or tungsten respectively)
A variety of stingers (25’ x4 at minimum)
Beach (a few bags)
A few apple boxes for background clutter?