Documentary DOP with audio. Must be willing to travel 5 days. - 5/5/2019- Texas/Arizona/Mexico

Houston, Texas

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Sunday, May 5, 2019 for six days

2 credits

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I have a indie project and looking for a passionate, interested individual.

Logistics: 5 day shoot with travel to Texas, Arizona, and Mexico. Need DOP with audio. No post production necessary. Travel and lodging covered. Must have passport.

**Please provide a quote.**

The snapshot :

My best friends dad is turning 80 in May 2019. We are taking him into Jalisco, Mexico for a 5 day Tequila trail journey that will be a celebration of his life. but also a back story of my friend and I searching for a tequila recipe to launch our Tequila brand.
My best friend and I have been friends since 5 years of age and will celebrate our 55th birthdays and 50 years of friendship in January 2019. His father has been my dad in all aspects of the word since my dad died when I was 10. The three of us are all very relatable and camera worthy subjects. I need raw footage of the 5 days - we will start in Scottsdale and fly to Jalisco. I am a Texas guy ( College Station ). My best friend is a corporate guy from Sonoma, California that sold off all material items to move to Vera Cruz, Mexico to live a simple life and the Dad turning 80 lives in Arizona . We all began our lives in Hawaii.

We have a budget saved for this project and would love to document this very cool journey that, hopefully, we can share as a documentary/film.