Production + Post of Web Videos - Boynton Beach/Seminole - February 2019

Boynton Beach, Florida

Production Companies

Saturday, March 2, 2019 for one week

2 credits

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National Storage Affiliates, through its brand iStorage is looking to prepare two (2) videos for web distribution. These videos will need to be 30 seconds and no longer than 3 minutes each.
Q1 2019/Early Q2 no later than April 30th
Needs - all production + post production:
• Necessary camera, lighting, and sound equipment
• Communication and coordination of on-site production with NSA staff
• Pre-production planning and coordination with NSA staff
• Scriptwriting
• Two rounds of edits, as well as an initial assembly of footage
Assembly Edit; Two Rounds of Editing; Final Product (web/particularly YouTube delivery)
iStorage is looking to create a “New to Storage” video that will serve to walk customers through what to expect when renting a storage unit. This would include walking viewers through the types of storage offered; the lease signing process; access hours as well as security systems in place. Attached is a link to a competitor’s video outlining similar topics.
The intended target for the video is someone who has never used storage before. We want to help them through the rental process as much as possible, so they can be sure they take all things into consideration for their search. Tone needs to be friendly and customer facing.

Necessary Information:
Text to Article Below
Competitor Video:
$5,000 for the selected complete project.
If you have any questions, please reach out at the following address.
Rob Loveless:
8400 East Prentice Avenue Suite 900
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Tips for Self-Storage – New to Self-Storage
Moving across the country? Downsizing your home? Realizing that your house just isn’t as open as it once was? The time has come to consider a storage solution near you. The decision can feel arduous, and in many ways incredibly overwhelming. Using this guide, we hope to help walk you through many of the decisions and get the storage unit that is right for you.
Self-storage units can be most easily understood in terms of size. Most units are understood in multiples of 5 feet. Thus, a 5x5 unit, then a 5x10, and so on. The largest units available include 10x25 and 10x30. Here is a quick guide to what some of the most commonly rented sizes are:
5x5 Units: These are often the smallest units available in a facility, they can comfortably fit most pieces of furniture but will struggle to fit mattresses larger than a full.
5x10 Units: These are the first step up from the 5x5 unit and can comfortably fit the contents of a medium sized bedroom including most mattress sizes and several moving-boxes.
10x10 Units: Roughly half the size of a one car garage. These units can fit roughly two-bedrooms worth of furniture and a bunch of moving boxes comfortably.
The larger units (10x20 and up) can be easily used to store larger vehicles such as boats and RVs.
Storage facilities understand that the need for storage is highly variable, some people only needing a couple weeks, while others need months or longer. That is why most facilities offer month-to-month rental options. You are not locked into a lengthy commitment. Use the storage for as long as you need it and vacate when it is no longer necessary.
Self-storage facilities will have two separate posted hours for their tenants. The first being office hours and the other are gate hours.
Office Hours: These are the hours that the office is open, this would be the ideal time to come and pay your bill, inquire about moving your unit, or request unit maintenance. During these hours, the team at the facility is available to help you with your storage needs and can readily help.
Gate Hours: These are the hours that customers may access their unit, and typically run earlier and later than office hours. At iStorage, our gate hours run from 6AM to 10PM. It should be noted that after office hours end, the staff may not be able to readily help and that includes during the late and early gate hours.
Storage facilities value their customer’s safety and security. Some common security features at facilities might include:
• Gate-code Access
• Camera Screenings
• Perimeter Fence
• On-site Store Manager
• Individually Alarmed Units
• Well-Lit Facilities
If you are unsure about what features a storage facility near you offers, ask the facility manager. They will happily help to make sure that you have the best experience possible.