Livestreaming Vendors - Los Angeles - 12/1 + ongoing

Los Angeles, California

Live Event / On Location Services

Saturday, December 1, 2018 for four days

1 credit

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Los Angeles Philharmonic Association (LA Phil) is seeking assistance with tiered levels of live streaming projects:

- pre-concert lectures and interviews (live audience)
- concert / performance live streaming (10 minutes through full concerts)
- press conferences
- studio-interview style discussions and performances (no audience)

We produce concert programming for Walt Disney Concert Hall (winter season) and the Hollywood Bowl (summer season). This programming diversity provides ample opportunity for a variety of projects --- often conceived with little prep time available.

Our goal is to create a stable of vendors who may be able to address the different-scope needs that come up -- for example:

- small, simple, fast, internal
- medium, more complex, involving collaborative partners
- large-scale, multi-camera, advance social promotion, high stakes

**PLEASE NOTE** that the need-by dates / range below are not hard-calendared but rather just to get this conversation started as we research potential vendors. We have no definite projects in the pipeline currently but rather are proactively searching to expand our resource network.