QUOTES: Steadicam / Op for 3-shoot in Raleigh, NC - 11/29

Raleigh, North Carolina

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 for three days

0 credits
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My name is Adam I'm a Producer / DP out of Toronto, Canada and may have a project that is potentially bringing me to Raleigh in the next month. We are looking into potential steadicam / operator options in the area.

- steadicam / operator / camera package bundle would be happily considered but alternative camera rental options are being pursued.
- 3 day shoot likely, durations and specific dates are subject to change.
- still in early stages, many details to be firmed up, looking to get a sense of options, numbers ($$) and availability in the area.
- open to alternative options (ronin/movi) depending on functionality of the system (remote focus options, monitor options, etc.)

Looking forward to hearing back from you.