Lighting Director w/ Equipment - ATL - 1/28/18 (flexible)

Atlanta, Georgia

Grip / Lighting / Electric

Sunday, January 28, 2018 for one day

1 credit

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Our team received the track and direction in November and we developed a treatment detailing our visions for the shoot. that we are looking to begin production for sometime in January/Early Feb. (Approx. Date selected)

Shooting some talent on camera outdoors, shooting in a hallway environment and in a larger dinner hall sized space.

We are planning to shoot a large majority of the content practically, and we are thrilled on the potential to work with you as our lead on lighting direction and color for the production shoot. It would be great to share the director's treatment with you sometime this week to determine if you have any interest joining the team for this project.

We want everyone involved to grow and try things to elevate the production. Would love to hear any creative explorations that may enhance the vision and put together a bid if possible.

Please give me a shout with any questions or to set up a quick call if possible.