ongoing projects recording of video lessons

Edmonton, Alberta

Production Companies

Saturday, September 1, 2018 for four months or more

1 credit

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Video recordings for online lessons. The video recorded online lessons would likely all happen in Edmonton. We would need a recording of a subject matter expert, reading a prepared script. The sessions could be anywhere from an hour to up to three hours in length. It would be ideal if the videographer had a separate location at which to film these, so as to cut down on external noise and distractions. It would also be ideal to have a green screen background allowing the videographer to select a background appropriate to the subject matter. These recordings would have to be edited as per instruction from the educational designer. This may involve creating a series of short clips of the content, adding text and titles, inserting images and diagrams. We may need the videographer to provide music or sound effects as well. We would be interested in creating previews or trailers of the materials as promotional material. We will also want to be able to extract the audio in order to offer a listening experience or pod cast. Our production schedule, at the moment, has us committing to three videoed projects every quarter for the next three years. The suggested budget is per annum. There is more than one year's work involved - at the moment we are anticipating a three year schedule.