Seto Kaiba Costume - Anywhere, US - By Mid April

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Wardrobe / Hair / Makeup

Friday, April 17, 2020 for two days

0 credits
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My son is a grad student and is attending an anime convention, and needs a costume. He would like it to be Seto Kaibai's costume from the Yu-Gi-Oh anime. This character has several costumes. but the one he is interested in is the long, white, sleeveless coat with silver studs and stand up shoulder pieces, the blue buckled straps for the arms and legs, the belt, and the illuminated arm piece on his left arm. He does not need the black underclothing or the shoes. He must have this costume by the middle of April. I am happy to provide pictures and measurements.

Although I must fill every orange marked box- I do not need an actual individual in Mount Pleasant, SC. I just need the costume produced and mailed to my address. I prefer not to spend more than $215.