Videographer/Sound Recordist - Nashville, TN - 4/25 - 4/27

Nashville, Tennessee

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Thursday, April 25, 2019 for three days

1 credit

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Author and Speaker are headed to a 3 day creative brainstorming retreat in Nashville, TN and they want their interactions and conversations recorded on video for possible promotion use for their upcoming work.

We're looking for someone, possibly a team of 2, to come to the house they will be staying in, and set up a 2 camera shoot in whatever room they will be working in that day. Cameras will ideally be off to the sides, but within good range, and mics will hopefully be boom mics or at least a lav/lapel with stellar battery life so as to interrupt the flow of the days as little as possible.

Ideally 4k camera, but open to equipment used as long as it is in great quality and takes stellar footage that can be easily transferred to a hard drive.

Please provide costs for an 8 hour day as well as cost for a 12 hour day. We are open to both.