A Technical Director for a Multi-City Webcast - 2/20 - 2/21- San Diego, CA

San Diego, California


Thursday, February 21, 2019 for two days

0 credits
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On February 21st, we're managing a multi city live stream and we need a technical director in each city.

The stream will be hosted on a video conferencing site, Blue Jeans, so each of the locations will be in communication with each other. There will be one presenter per location, plus a live audience. We will be providing all gear minus in house projection and sound.

We'd also need the technical director for each city to do a site survey in the first or second week of February, which we will coordinate. As the Technical Director, we need you to check out the venue AV and ensure that the set up we have planned will work. We'll also need you to test the internet at the venue and determine the best place to set up our gear.

We have set up and testing scheduled for 3-5 pm ET the day before the event on the 20th.

Expectations are:
-Performing a site survey and doing a test with Blue Jeans at the location
-Setting up camera and mic the day before at the venue, feeding those signals into Blue Jeans, and performing a tech rehearsal
-Setting up a laptop so the in house audience can hear and view the webcast
-Operate and maintain all equipment onsite on event date, 2/21, from approximately 7am - 1pm