Equipment Rental - Athens, GA - 5/17

Athens, Georgia

Equipment Rental Houses / Production Equipment Rentals

Sunday, May 17, 2020 for three months

1 credit

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My name is Francesca Garcia and I work with Connect Ministries. During the summer ( End of May - Beginning of August) we have 4 teams of 28 staff travel the US and put on a week long day camp each week in a new city. During this camp we have 4 auditorium elements. In the past we have had LED walls, lighting, and sound. We are looking for a new company to provide 4 pack of the same equipment for 12 weeks. This equipment will be traveling and needs to be in cases. We are looking for this company to be able to grow with us as in the next summers we will have 13+ teams.

Thank you,
Francesca Garcia