Line Producer For 3-4 Day Shoot - Hollywood, CA - 10/31-11/3

Hollywood, California

Producers / Production Managers

Saturday, October 31, 2020 for four days

0 credits
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Red Line is a grippingly immersive and heartbreaking true story that forces viewers into
an uncomfortable confrontation with the “look the other way” attitude so many of us possess
with respect to the homeless population. Our vision is to dramatize this story within the
neo-realist tradition of works such as American Honey, Wasp, The Florida Project, Heaven
Knows What and Fruitvale Station.

We've already raised a significant portion of the budget and are currently semi-finalists in the Screencraft short film competition. We of course will send you the script and all other relevant information pertaining to the project depending on the level of mutual compatibility following the first phone call interview.

For the Line Producer position, the most pressing issue we're dealing with and need assistance on right now is location. LA Metro will not ok our film to be shot on location because it's too "graphic." We need help finding another location and/or pushing their hand to ok this script. Any experience in this arena will be looked upon very favorably in the application process.

Prior experience required.

Please email or call with your reel and/or resume ready.